Ritholtz's Reads: Small Caps Miss Out

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Welcome back to the monkey house. This morning, we bring you our reads from Detroit to Hong Kong to Abbey Road:

  • 'Do We Need to Fire Pimco?' (The Reformed Broker) see also How Bill Gross and Pimco Got Too Big for Each Other (LA Times)
  • Americans Have Been Told Over and Over Again We're Unprepared for Retirement. But New Research Says the News Isn't So Dire. (Barron's)
  • Small Caps Miss Out on Stock Rally (WSJ) see also Stock Valuations Go Under the Lens (WSJ)
  • Detroit Demolishes Its Ruins: 'The Capitalists Will Take Care of the Rest' (The Guardian)
  • China's Decision to Expel Journalists to Hong Kong Is Now Blowing Up in Its Face (Vox) see also Hong Kong's Protesters Are Using the 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Gesture From Ferguson (Vox)
  • Being Wrong (Alhambra Investment Partners)
  • Is Modern Technology Killing Us? (TruthOut)
  • Physics Titan Edward Witten Still Thinks String Theory 'on the Right Track' (Cross Check)
  • Inside the Building Where Apple Tortures the iPhone 6 (Verge)
  • The Beatles' Abbey Road Turns 45: Classic Track-By-Track Review (Billboard)

I hope you caught our longer form weekend reads on Saturday!

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