Read Stuff, You Should: R.I.P., Jim Traficant

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Happy Birthday to Rob Deer, 54.

Back after a weekend and Rosh Hashanah; did you miss the good stuff?

1. I missed an excellent comment last week from Josh Huder about what happens when Congress is out of session.

2. Hans Noel on why paid leave isn't an issue that will blow up current party coalitions.

3. Robert Erikson and Christopher Wlezien explain why likely voter screens can produce misleading results.

4. Meanwhile, a very good roundup of where the Senate stands from Nate Silver.

5. Are state-level campaign debates an endangered species? Reid Wilson reports that they're less common. Interesting, though I'd like to have a bit more evidence.

6. And two profiles of two very different politicians. First, Susan Page on how Gabby Giffords is doing.

7. Then Chris Cillizza collects a fitting set of observations on Jim Traficant, who died over the weekend.

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