Ritholtz's Reads: Choose Your Own Confirmation Bias

Is the week almost over? Well, we earned a break. Enjoy our free-range morning reads.

Is the week almost over? Well, we earned a break after enduring this up-down-up-down market, not to mention the huge dollar bull-market getting under way. It's all here, in our free-range morning reads:

  • Chose your confirmation bias wisely: Get Ready for Rising Interest Rates -- and Stocks (MarketWatch) or People Don't Like It When I Say Stocks Might 'Crash,' So I Won't Use That Word, but ... (Business Insider)
  • 295 S&P 500 Companies Reduced Their Share Count in Q2. (MoneyBeat)
  • Americans Think We're in a Recession. They're Wrong. But Still... (The Fix)
  • Bogle Wants to Make Your Nest Egg Larger (MarketWatch) see also Retirement Investment Advice Should Come Without Conflicts of Interest (Better Markets)
  • Capitalism Is Saving the Climate, You Hippies (Daily Beast)
  • The Tech Industry's Newest Acquisition: American Politics (Buzzfeed)
  • Wall Street Still Needs a Leader on Reform (Dealbook) but see FDIC's Hoenig: Straight-Talking Bank Regulator Leads Crusade to Ensure End of TBTF (WSJ)
  • The War Nerd: Bombs Away in the Middle East! But Why Is Israel So Quiet? (Pando Daily)
  • Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Ferraris? (Bloomberg) see also BMW Is on Track to Sell Four Cars a Minute This Year (Quartz)
  • Surprise! NFL Players Are More Law Abiding Than Average Men (Pacific Standard)

What's up this weekend?

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