Read Stuff, You Should: Congress, Blame Thyself

Jonathan Bernstein is a Bloomberg View columnist. He taught political science at the University of Texas at San Antonio and DePauw University and wrote A Plain Blog About Politics.
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Happy Birthday to Hunter Strickland, 26.

And then go to the good stuff:

1. Jay Ulfelder contributes to the discussion about political scientists and prediction.

2. Dan Drezner on bombing Syria.

3. No, the percentage of people who are uninsured didn't increase from 2013 to 2014. Adrianna McIntyre explains what the numbers mean.

4. Sara Libby on the increasingly convoluted politics of making the pill available without a prescription.

5. Brian Beutler makes the crucial point about war powers: Congress the deserves blame for its failure to act, not the White House.

6. I always like a good Jonathan Chait rant against Paul Ryan, who richly deserves it.

7. And Annie Lowrey asks: Which state should leave the union?

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