Read Stuff, You Should: Off to the Horse Races

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Happy Birthday to Joan Jett, 56.

Here's the good stuff:

1. Sarah Binder on who loses when Congress governs by continuing resolution.

2. I agree with everything Andrew Gelman says in his refereeing of the argument between Nate Silver and Sam Wang about election forecasting.

3. Philip Klein on the irresistible media urge toward the most basic horse race coverage.

4. Good takedown of Ted Cruz's Islamic State policy, from Peter Beinart. Well, "policy" is an exaggeration; better would be "irresponsible demagogic rhetoric." No surprise, Cruz calls for measures that the administration isn't considering, and doesn't worry about whether they would make things better or worse.

5. Cass Sunstein on the value of counterfactual history.

6. And Alex Massie sums up the Scotland referendum and looks ahead.

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