Read Stuff, You Should: The Perils of Prognosticating

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Happy Birthday to Adam West, 86. Hey, any friend of Jimmy James, right?

Congress may have wrapped up its business (more or less) until after the elections, but we still have the good stuff:

1. Thoughtful Hans Noel post about what's good and bad about the focus on election forecasting systems and the differences between them.

2. But Hans encountered a fair amount of pushback, on Twitter at least. Matt Grossman: "@ProfHansNoel Nate's post educated about polling error, house effects & past role of turnout, $, candidate quality, & ideology. All helpful"

3. On Scotland ... how about Ross Douthat with a (pre-voting) interesting long post (spoiler alert: the "no" vote won).

4. Andrew Sprung on what might be ahead for in its second year.

5. While Margot Sanger-Katz and Amanda Cox explain what consumers have to look out for in the Affordable Care Act exchanges.

6. "How much money do we waste on useless health care?" Sarah Kliff looks at the evidence.

7. And at the Upshot, Brandon Nyhan continues his campaign for scientific journal reform. Important.

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