Ritholtz's Reads: Eyes on the Fed

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Happy Fed Day! Or should we say: Happy start to the-two day FOMC meeting that will drive trading volumes even lower as we await the inevitable continuation of the taper. Oh, and here are our morning reads:

• Record S&P 500 Masks 47 Percent of Nasdaq Mired in Bear Market (Bloomberg) see also A Closer Look at the Dow (Irrelevant Investor)
• In Defense of a Quantitative Approach to Financial Markets (MathTrading)
• As Fed Meets, Markets Fixate on Two Words (USA Today) see also Fed Liftoff May Not Send Yields Soaring (WSJ)
• An interesting list: 102 Finance People You Have to Follow on Twitter. (Business Insider)
• Venture Capitalist Sounds Alarm on Startup Investing (WSJ)
• What Millennials Want in a Home (MarketWatch) see also What Does It Take to Buy a Home? Many Don't Fully Know (MoneyBeat)
• Taking Insurance Companies Out of Health Care: Boeing Experiment Will Be Closely Watched by Business CEOs and Insurers Alike (Wendell Potter)
• Want to Deplete Your Tax Base? Give 'Job Creators' What They Want (LA Times) see also Tesla Deal Even Worse Than First Thought (middleclasspoliticaleconomist)
• Software Patents Are Crumbling, Thanks to the Supreme Court (Vox)
• NSFW: Apple, U2 and Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth (iMore)

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The Outlook: Fed Sizes Up Alternate Rate-Hike Paths

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