Read Stuff, You Should: Obama and Iraq

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Peter Scolari, 59. I have to admit to not being a big "Newhart" fan ... but of course everyone loved "Bosom Buddies."

Time for the good stuff:

1. "So, the cause is just, and Obama's plan sounds reasonable, even nuanced. What could go wrong? Well, as anyone who's studied the region (and the cavalier predictions made, time and again, by Westerners who go to war there), everything." Fred Kaplan on the next war in Iraq.

2. Recruiting children for terrorism. Mia Bloom surveys another alarming development.

3. Michael Wagner lists "9 Things the Best Political Reporters Do."

4. Josh Katz from The Upshot on forecasts, polling, and "fundamentals."

5. Jonathan Chait looks at the neocons.

6. Bruce Ackerman argues that Obama is betraying the Constitution with his actions in Iraq. I still disagree.

7. Ross Douthat looks at Iraq.

8. While Dan Drezner has four questions the president didn't answer.

9. And Philip Bump charts the (unfortunate) evolution of "homeland."

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