Read Stuff, You Should: Libertarians and Evangelicals

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Happy Birthday to Roxann Dawson, 56.

Oh, the good stuff:

1. Want to understand the "private option" Medicaid expansion in Arkansas? Adrianna McIntyre has a great post on the pros and cons. Important.

2. Also, the latest on employer-linked insurance, from Jonathan Cohn. You've heard this before: moderating cost increases, no clear evidence that Obamacare is responsible ... but totally inconsistent with the claims of Affordable Care Act opponents. So far.

3. Rick Hasen is surprised to find an election in which voter ID may actually have changed a result by restricting the vote. Hint: it's not exactly a headline race.

4. Dan Drezner argues that political science is useful for figuring out what to do in Iraq and Syria.

5. One from (my brother) David S. Bernstein on the new Democratic Party in Massachusetts.

6. Ed Kilgore notes that some libertarians are fed up with religious Republicans.

7. And Annie Lowrey on "Why Disruptors Are Always White Guys."

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