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Happy Birthday to Jay Laga'aia, 51.

Right to the good stuff.

1. Lynn Vavreck makes the case for Rob Portman as a solid Republican nomination candidate. I agree; his position on marriage is tricky, but probably not disqualifying.

2. From Sarah Binder, a nice graph showing circuit court nomination delays in the postwar era.

3. Henry Farrell passes along the research explaining a "festering toxic mess."

4. Harold Pollack interviews Rick Perlstein about his new book on the rise of Ronald Reagan.

5. Good overview of the current state of Obamacare (non-)repeal, from Greg Sargent. With spiffy charts!

6. Before Nate Silver gets around to a nice analysis of the problems with registered voter polling pools, he begins with a fascinating discussion of long-term party politics. Highly recommend the start of this one; the rest is good if you're trying to choose between forecasters.

7. And I have no dog in this fight, but I like Alex Massie and enjoyed his essay on voting No in Scotland.

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