Read Stuff, You Should: Immigration Delay Backlash

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Happy Birthday to Kurt Ainsworth, 36.

Plenty of good stuff:

1. From the Monkey Cage, Elizabeth Ferris and Abbie Taylor on Iraq’s minorities.

2. Everyone was talking about gerrymandering yesterday. Ed Kilgore made the good point that parties apply the lessons of previous redistricting cycles to the next round. This suggests that, all else equal, Democrats might be more aggressive next time.

3. Fair enough, but all else isn't equal. Nate Cohn is correct: Almost all of the “neutral” criteria for redistricting happen to work poorly for Democrats nationwide, given the geographic distribution of partisan voters.

4. I tend to agree with Kevin Drum on the Hill reaction to delaying executive action on immigration.

5. Good spot by Dave Weigel: asking for another mulligan for President George W. Bush.

6. Zach Beauchamp looks at some interesting papers from the recent political science convention.

7. I don’t agree with Ross Douthat about the law and the Constitution, but his analysis of the politics of immigration and the delay on executive action is pretty good. It can be good presidenting to float trial balloons and then take reactions into account when deciding the next step, but this certainly seemed a lot more clumsy than responsive.

8. Julia Azari talks about her new book, "Delivering the People’s Message: The Changing Politics of the Presidential Mandate."

9. Should we worry about where think tanks get their money? Dan Drezner doesn’t.

10. And Philip Bump on party domination of certain Senate seats. With cool chart.

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