Ritholtz's Reads: Seasons Change but Politicians Remain the Same

Start your day with the most important meal:  Our morning reads.

This is the week when the year resumes in earnest. We have five full days of work, the kids are at school and vacation is over. Start your day with the most important meal: Our morning reads (fortified with riboflavin):

  • You Missed $1 Trillion Return Agreeing With Fed Naysayers (Bloomberg)
  • The Buyback Bounce (Barron's) see also Why a Market Correction Now Would Be Best Scenario for Bulls (Forbes)
  • Can Peers Burn Holes in Your Portfolio? (WSJ)
  • The Upside of August's Jobs Report: A Goldilocks Economy (Moneybeat) see also The U.S. Recovery Looks Sustainable This Time (FT.com)
  • It's Never Been More Lucrative to Be a Math-Loving People Person (Harvard Business Review)
  • How Everything We Tell Ourselves About How Busy We Are Is a Lie (Fast Co)
  • Different Party, Different Year, Same Hillary (Bloomberg)
  • Niine Things to Expect From Apple's iWatch (The Verge) see also How Apple Can Make Mobile Wallets Actually Work (Businessweek)
  • Why Twitter Should Not Algorithmically Curate the Timeline (Medium)
  • The Complete Guide to Swearing at Work (Quartz)

What are you reading?

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