The real dilemma: when to say no.

Even a Foodie's Kid Can Enjoy McNuggets

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Michael Pollan has written to say that in last week’s article on food and family, I misread the passage in "The Omnivore’s Dilemma" where he describes the bad experience he and his family had at McDonald's:

My son used to love McD's and he was such a picky eater we were thrilled when he deigned to eat a Mcd's hamburger or chicken nuggets. I was negative on McD's in Omnivore's Dilemma, where we had a lousy meal, it's true, but you slander my son by crediting him with anti-Mcd's elitist sentiments. He's only recently come around.

I apologize for my misreading, though I have to say that I am grateful for the chance to remind you that even a child of Pollan’s may be a picky eater. Take note, America: There is hope for the rest of us. And thanks to the very nice Michael Pollan, who was gracious enough to tweet the article with kind words anyway.

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