Ritholtz's Reads: A Dinosaur, Some Elephants and Ponzi Schemes

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Is it Friday already? Wherever does the time go? Here are my morning reads to help you through your commute:

  • A Bearish Technical Case for Precious Metals (Brandt)
  • Shale Is Not a Ponzi (FT Alphaville, Part II)
  • Millennials Aren't Changing Jobs as Much. That's a Big Problem for the Economy (Wonkblog) see also Why Hasn't the Class of 2009 Grown up? (Vox)
  • Is It Time to Refinance? Jumbo Fixed-Rate Mortgages Have Dipped to a Year-to-Date Low (WSJ)
  • uh-oh: China's State Media Join Brokerages Saying Buy Equities (Bloomberg) see also Goldman Sachs on Why Stock Pickers Have Suffered a Really Bad Year (MoneyBeat)
  • A Land Where High Fees Reign Supreme (Morningstar)
  • Why Walking Helps Us Think (New Yorker)
  • Found: The Islamic State's Terror Laptop of Doom (Foreign Policy)
  • Not Safe For Not Working On (Dan Kaminsky) see also Apps You Need to Deauthenticate Before Selling Your Devices (Lifehacker.com)
  • New Species of Dinosaur Weighed as Much as a Dozen Elephants (WSJ)

What's up for the weekend?

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