Read Stuff, You Should: Do Something, Mr. President

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Clare Kramer, 40.

Plenty of good stuff:

1. Excellent post from Matthew Dickinson about Barack Obama, FDR and pundits who just want presidents to do something.

2. Brendan Nyhan looks at the market for political consultants. Helpful. Two quick points. On the one hand, I'm not especially optimistic about developing a worthwhile method for evaluating the importance of consultants. On the other hand, it's very possible that the difference between most consultants is relatively small, and that parties are acting rationally if their priority is to police party loyalty more rigorously than they police quality.

3. Nice summary of the U.S. health-care system from Sarah Kliff.

4. I mostly agree with Kevin Drum about inflation and the rich.

5. Lucia Graves on the flaps over pirated pictures of naked celebrities and harassment of senators. The obvious point bears repeating: If this is what the most privileged women have to put up with ...

6. The argument that Halbig promises liberty from the individual mandate is quite goofy. Nicholas Bagley explains.

7. I'm glad to see that even though I checked out of the hotel just hours before the fire, the "bat mitzvah" that I was "attending" in "Connecticut" appears to have kept me from landing on Dan Drezner's suspects list for the American Political Science Association fires.

8. And from Paul Fairie: "Political Science If It Was Taught The Way People Think Political Science Is Taught."

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