Read Stuff, You Should: Ebola Fear-Mongering

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Rich Aurilia, 43.

Back late last night, but things should be more or less normal for the rest of the week, beginning with the good stuff:

1. Adia Benton and Kim Yi Dionne explain the dangers of Ebola fear-mongering.

2. Jonathan Cohn interviews Rich Yeselson about the state of the (labor) unions.

3. A dissenting view of House Speaker John Boehner, from Martin Longman. I suppose I shouldn’t call this the dissenting view; it’s pretty much the conventional wisdom, and my position (shared by at least some other political scientists) is the oddball one. Anyway, if you read me, read the other side of the argument.

4. Harry Enten and Nate Silver take a closer look at the effects of migration between the states.

5. And “Why Kirsten Gillibrand’s story didn’t surprise any woman on Capitol Hill.” Or any man who pays attention. Karen Tumulty on what everyone on the Hill knows.

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