Ritholtz's Reads: This Is What Labor Looks Like Now

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Enjoy the final day of your three-day weekend. No worries, we have you covered with these Labor Day reads:

  • Where the Five-Day Workweek Came From (The Atlantic)
  • People Are Quitting Their Jobs. That's Good News. (Fiscal Times)
  • Boomer Wealth Dented by Mortgages Poses U.S. Risk (Bloomberg)
  • Why You Need a Healthy Amount of Uncertainty in an Economy (Quartz)
  • A Look at Income Inequality, Hour by Hour (Real Time Economics)
  • The Changing Face of Temporary Employment (NYT) see also More Workers Are Claiming 'Wage Theft' (NYT)
  • A Rise in Wealth for the Wealthy; Declines for the Lower 93 Percent (Pew)
  • 8 Qualities That Makes Great Bosses Unforgettable (LinkedIn)
  • At Work, Every Friday Should Be a Summer Friday (Science of Us)
  • Gorgeous Aerial Shots of Beaches, Taken While Hanging From a Helicopter (Wired)

What's up for (unofficial) last day of summer?

A Look at Income Inequality, Hour by Hour

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