Read Stuff, You Should: Rich Versus Middle Class

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Happy Birthday to Mark Williams, 55.

A little housekeeping for regular readers: You're on your own for the good stuff next week. I'll be on the road, eventually at the political science meetings. I'll be posting, although I'm not sure how often, and I won't be doing the morning links post. Meanwhile? The good stuff:

1. Ashley Parker on the demise of the Senate Dining Room.

2. Dylan Matthews looks at where the line is (and where we think the line is) separating the middle class from the rich.

3. Philip Klein argues that Obamacare supporters may have had a run of fairly good news on rates, but the future is still uncertain.

4. "It's Time To Stop 'Managing' the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Just End It," from Gershom Gorenberg.

5. And a Jaime Fuller special: Is it a Hugh Grant movie, or is it the Bob McDonnell trial?

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