Friday Baseball Blogging: The Best Players I've Seen

Here's my list of the best players I've seen in action. Who have you seen?
I didn't see this play but I definitely saw Mike Piazza in action.

I'm hoping to see Bryce Harper this weekend. He was hurt when I saw the Washington Nationals earlier this season but, if my travel works correctly, I'm planning to see the Nats and the Giants on Sunday. It will be the first time I've seen Joe Panik, as well. Here's my All-Time I've Seen 'Em Play (in person) Team:

Catcher: Mike Piazza

First Base: Willie McCovey

Second Base: Joe Morgan

Third Base: Mike Schmidt

Shortstop: Alex Rodriguez

Left Field: Barry Bonds

Center Field: Willie Mays

Right Field: Frank Robinson

Designated Hitter: Frank Thomas

Pitcher: Roger Clemens

Pitcher: Greg Maddux

Pitcher: Randy Johnson

Pitcher: Pedro Martinez

Pitcher: Mariano Rivera

The 25-man roster is fun: I would have Rickey Henderson and Ken Griffey in the outfield with Ozzie Smith as my utility infielder.

What I should think about is the list of the best players who were active from the 1970s on that I missed. But this list is more fun.

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