Read Stuff, You Should: Taxing the Rich

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Happy Birthday to Diana Muldaur, 76. Wait -- that "L.A. Law" episode is actually called "Good to the Last Drop"? Really? Huh. Her "Star Trek" character (the doctor, not her two excellent performances in the original series) is a lot more fun if you imagine she's about to have that happen to her every time she leaves the bridge.

Back to the good stuff:

1. "The historical record, however, suggests that taxing the wealthiest does have an important, but different, consequence: making the wealthy vested in the common good. In fact, taxing the wealthy was crucial for the emergence of representative government itself." That's political scientist Deborah Boucoyannis with an argument that's certainly new to me. Interesting.

2. Seth Masket on why Democrats are more responsible for off-year local elections.

3. While Julia Azari sees both Iraq and Ferguson challenging Democratic talking points.

4. Scott Lemieux makes the case against the Perry indictment.

5. While Rick Hasen elaborates on his complaint about criminalizing politics.

6. Good Ross Douthat post on police militarization.

7. And Robert Farley goes after The Nation and Ukraine.

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