Read Stuff, You Should: Seeing Ferguson

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Barbara Bouchet, 71.

Thanks for all the great questions yesterday. Sorry I didn't get to them all; now on to the good stuff:

1. "What I saw in Ferguson," from Jelani Cobb.

2. Kim Yi Dionne brings the scholarly evidence to questions about race and police reactions to protests.

3. John Patty on the constitutionality of gerrymandering (short version: he argues that it not only is constitutional, but as long as there are single-member districts it must be constitutional).

4. Plus a follow-up from Jack Santucci on how the United States committed to single-member districts.

5. Uwe E. Reinhardt still can't believe that some states won't accept Medicaid expansion.

6. A terrific collection of state migration graphs over at the Upshot. Terrific.

7. Glad that Kevin Drum wrote the necessary post on presidential vacations so I don't have to this time around.

8. Some excellent writing advice from Rebecca Schuman.

9. And Alex Abad-Santos passes along wisdom from Admiral Adama.

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