Read Stuff, You Should: Is Hillary Really a Hawk?

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Happy Birthday to Susan Saint James, 68. There's really no reason for someone today to watch "McMillan & Wife" (or, for that matter, "Kate & Allie," a run-of-the-mill sitcom with two great leads) when there are episodes of "The Wire," or "NewsRadio," or "Buffy," or "Fargo" or all the other great stuff that's out there. "McMillan" wasn't as good as "Columbo," or as iconic as "Kojak." It sure was a lot of fun, though.

A lot of good stuff:

1. Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery tells the story of his arrest in Ferguson.

2. Marc Lynch: "Syria's combination of a weak, fragmented collage of rebel organizations with a divided, competitive array of external sponsors was therefore the worst profile possible for effective external support."

3. Annie Lowrey on the substantive success of the ACA -- and why it won't change public opinion.

4. And Kevin Drum on the "do something" bias.

5. Greg Sargent makes the most thorough case yet that Barack Obama and the executive branch have wide discretion, granted by Congress, on immigration law enforcement. And he argues that if Obama stays comfortably within the law, he'll also be well within norms of presidential behavior. On the law, I have no expertise beyond what I read, and the case seems fairly strong, depending, of course, on what Obama actually does. On norms? My problem here is that those who claim that Obama could act within the law but nevertheless violate norms haven't explained specifically what they mean. I'm open to norm-based arguments, but not to norm-based hand-waiving.

6. Nate Silver sees nothing but strength in Hillary Clinton's positioning for the presidential nomination.

7. Ed Kilgore: "I suspect those who (again, for varying reasons) want to see a competitive Democratic nominating contest in 2016 know time's running out."

8. Could the ACA reduce crime? Adrianna McIntyre makes the case.

9. And Andrew Sprung asks just how hawkish Hillary Clinton was on Iraq.

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