Read Stuff, You Should: Militarizing the Police

Jonathan Ladd asks us to look beyond Hillary Clinton’s recent interview in assessing what her foreign policy would likely be. Sensible.

Happy Birthday to Debi Mazar, 50.

Disgusted with baseball, but always happy to have the good stuff:

1. Jonathan Ladd asks us to look beyond Hillary Clinton's recent interview in assessing what her foreign policy would likely be. Sensible.

2. "An honest appeal to African-Americans would start with the admission that Republicans didn't lose the black vote but forfeited it." Jelani Cobb on the history of Republicans and black voters.

3. Brian Beuhler on immigration and executive action.

4. How Republicans are learning to talk about Iraq. Dave Weigel reports.

5. And Dara Lind on how local police wound up with military weapons.

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