Read Stuff, You Should: Hair-Challenged Candidates

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Happy Birthday to Yvette Nicole Brown, 43.

The good stuff:

1. Lynn Vavreck says it isn't too late for Republicans to compete for Hispanic voters -- but only if the party budges on immigration.

2. Seth Masket on one possible good use for state initiatives.

3. Don Wolfensberger on how little this Congress has accomplished -- the numbers only tell part of the story.

4. Susan Schulten brings us 19th century partisan polarization, using fascinating maps.

5. No, going bald won’t derail a presidential candidate. John Sides reports.

6. Dan Larison on “the credibility scam.” Particularly good on Syria and the “red line.”

7. Are bad pollsters using good pollsters as guides? Harry Enten looks at the evidence.

8. And Rany Jazayerli on Sung Woo Lee.

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