Read Stuff, You Should: Cool Rand Paul?

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Happy Birthday to Joe Rogan, 47.

Perhaps real August will arrive this week; if so, we'll be needing the good stuff:

1. Brad DeLong on "magic asterisks."

2. Harold Pollack on making everything partisan.

3. Kim Yi Dionne on the ethics of Ebola.

4. Dan Drezner's candidate for who is scaring U.S. citizens? The National Rifle Association. Plausible. I think he undersells the role of out-party talk show hosts, however.

5. Ed Kilgore on Senator Rand Paul's limitations.

6. Dan Larison on Israel's friends.

7. Matt Yglesias on Republicans who can't make a deal.

8. And Sarah Kliff on that Affordable Care Act cost-saving failure.

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