Masters in Business: Jack Brennan

Barry Ritholtz is a Bloomberg View columnist. He founded Ritholtz Wealth Management and was chief executive and director of equity research at FusionIQ, a quantitative research firm. He blogs at the Big Picture and is the author of “Bailout Nation: How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shook the World Economy.”
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Jack Brennan tells how he submitted a resume and got an invite for a telephone interview with Jack Bogle, the founder of the Vanguard Group. Thus began a 30-year career at Vanguard, where he eventually became chief executive officer and chairman. Vanguard now manages more than $2 trillion dollars, with about 65 percent in passive strategies and about 35 percent in more active management.

Brennan describes himself as a “sponge” who learned from the best in the business. In addition to Bogle, Brennan worked with investing luminaries including John Neff, Burton Malkiel, Charles Ellis and Gus Sauter. His book, "Straight Talk on Investing: What You Need to Know," describes the sound advice and solid guidance key to successful investing. Other books he recommends include Malkiel’s "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" and Ellis’ "Winning the Loser's Game."

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