Read Stuff, You Should: Ukraine Calculus

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Keith Carradine, 65. Mainly because I watched the FX series "Fargo" this summer, and also watched (finally) the first season of "Deadwood." He is excellent in both. Do young'ns these days watch the great Alan Rudoph movies he starred in? I'm particularly fond of "Trouble in Mind."

I'm starting to think we have a weekend soon, but first some of the good stuff:

1. Kimberly Marten argues against arming Ukraine.

2. Matthew Dickinson on why President Barack Obama is keeping Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan.

3. Jordan Ragusa investigates how much Bill Clinton helps Hillary.

4. Noah Millman defends what can look line hypocrisy among abortion opponents. It's not a bad argument (and I'm not one to care much about hypocrisy regardless), but the problem is whether the laws abortion opponents support would fit with Millman's defense.

5. And my brother, Boston magazine's David S. Bernstein, takes the Ice Bucket Challenge -- with a little help from a Boston big name. Lame ceremonial ribbon-cutting scissors, though.

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