Ritholtz's Reads: AOL Dial-Up and Monkey Selfies

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My morning train reads:

• Incredible Shrinking Yields (Bespoke)
• Ten Charts That Show Us Something New About The IPO Boom (Moneybeat)
• Investors Turn Bearish; Is this a Buy Signal? (Barron's) see also Stop Worrying About the Next Market Crash (JDavidstein)
• Summertime Living Isn't Easy for Macro Funds (WSJ)
• China Home Glut May Worsen as Developers Avoid Price Drop (Bloomberg)
• Wall Street's urge to merge: Not crazy yet (USAT)
• AOL still has 2.3 million dialup subscribers -- and they're very profitable (Quartz)
• Aiming to Be the Netflix of Books (NYT)
• How is social media changing journalism? (The Atlantic)
• Wikipedia refuses to delete photo as 'monkey owns it' -- because a monkey pressed the shutter button, he, not the camera owner, should own the copyright (Telegraph)

What are you reading?

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