Ritholtz's Reads: What to Expect in 2015

Here are my reads for your morning train ride.

Here are my reads for your morning train ride:

  • What Top Economists, Investors See Next Year (IBD)
  • Is It Just a Pullback, Coming Correction or Beginning of Bear Market? (USA Today) but see History Says Don't Count on a Big Correction Anytime Soon (Marketwatch)
  • The market is a Rube Goldberg machine (Reformed Broker)
  • Inflation Isn't Rising Yet, But the Fed Is Watching Closely (FiveThirtyEight)
  • Market Drop Convolution (Statistical Ideas)
  • Home builders say they're facing a shortage of qualified workers. How could that be? (Real Time Economics)
  • Three Myths About the Brain (NY Times)
  • Google Is Stealing Away Microsoft's Future Corporate Customers (Quartz)
  • Copernicus Explores the Science of Star Wars! (Ain't It Cool)
  • Union Street Guest House Hotel warns bride of $500 fine for negative reviews from wedding party. Hilarity ensues. (Yelp)

What are you reading?

Is There Really a Shortage of Construction Workers?


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