Read Stuff, You Should: Congressional Lawsuit Folly

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Happy Birthday to Billy Bob Thornton, 59. I hadn't really been a big fan, but he was excellent in the "Fargo" miniseries ... indeed, everyone was excellent in "Fargo."

Right to the good stuff:

  1. "Use of the judiciary as a crutch, even if the case itself prevails, may lead to the long-term impotence of Congress, increasing judicial power at its own expense." That's political scientist Tobias Gibson on House Speaker John Boehner's lawsuit against President Barack Obama -- yet another political scientist who believes the lawsuit, in the unlikely event it succeeds, would hurt Congress.
  2. Bob Woodward on John Dean's new Nixon book.
  3. Brad DeLong is wonderful on ... let's call it the Nate Silver problem. Or thinking about probability.
  4. One more on Halbig: Andrea McIntyre has five things the media are getting wrong about this Obamacare lawsuit.
  5. And anyone interested in 1968 should read this week's trip to the archives, from Matthew Dickinson. Fascinating.

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