Read Stuff, You Should: Torture Fallout

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Happy Birthday to Terry Kiser, 75. In a just world, he gets an Oscar, no? Let's see ... if I'm lining up the years right, Supporting Actor went to Denzel Washington for "Glory." OK. But the other nominees were Dan Aykroyd for "Driving Miss Daisy," Martin Landau for "Crimes and Misdemeanors" and Marlon Brando for "Dry White Season." You can't tell me any of those was as memorable as "Weekend at Bernie's."

Oh well. On to the good stuff:

1. Here comes the torture report. Josh Rogin and Eli Lake report.

2. James Downie makes the case that the president should fire Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan.

3. Andrew Gelman on reporters, politics and neuroscience.

4. While Seth Masket explains to reporters what political science is.

5. And James Fallows explains what reporters do.

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