Masters in Business: Arthur Levitt

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Arthur Levitt acted as the longest-serving chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, from 1993 to 2001. Hailed as a champion of the individual investor, he was an early critic of earnings manipulation and worked to bring transparency and integrity to financial statements. Listen to the full interview with Levitt here.

A Brooklyn native, he graduated from Williams College in 1952, served in the Air Force, and bought and sold cattle in the Midwest. He is presently "slumming it" as senior adviser at the Carlyle Group, policy adviser to Goldman Sachs and a director on the board of Bloomberg LP. For more from Levitt, check out his book, "Take on the Street: What Wall Street and Corporate America Don't Want You to Know," his commencement addresses and his papers.

This is the third episode in our new series "Masters in Business" that I've created with Bloomberg Radio and Bloomberg View. You can listen to the show on Bloomberg AM on weekends and nationally on Sirius XM channel 119. You can find previous interviews here. Next week I'll talk to Michael Mauboussin, head of global financial strategies at Credit Suisse.

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