Ritholtz's Reads: Corn's Cash Crunch

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My morning train reads :

  • Charts That Leave You No Choice But to Feel Optimistic About the U.S. Economy (Quartz)
  • Corn Farmers Face a Cash Crunch (WSJ) but see Why Is Chocolate Getting So Expensive? (Slate)
  • Why Do Americans Stink at Math? (NY Times) see also Deficit Scolds Are the Most Crazed Ideologues in America (The Week)
  • Corporatism, Not Capitalism, Is to Blame for Inequality (FT)
  • Which celebrity has the most popular presence on Facebook? (WSJ) see also Why powerful people believe they have more time at their disposal (WSJ)
  • Smart Money Buys Brand X (Bloomberg View)
  • Pricing Fine Wines and Common Stocks (Research Affiliates) but see California Water Prices Soar for Farmers as Drought Grows (Bloomberg)
  • Let's fly (Medium)
  • Why Seven Hours of Sleep Might Be Better Than Eight (WSJ) see also Love People, Not Pleasure (NY Times)
  • John Oliver and Clickhole Take Fake News in Opposite Directions (NY Times)

What's up for this lovely July weekend?

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