Read Stuff, You Should: Ryan's Song

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to D.B. Woodside, 45. Okay, he's no Principal Snyder (in fact, no one ever really replaced Snyder in terms of his role in the show, right? Yet another thing that made Seasons 2 and 3 so good). But I guess you go to war with the principal you have.

Lots of good stuff:

1. Larry Bartels assesses the Obama record on inequality.

2. Reihan Salam's positive review of Paul Ryan's poverty plan.

3. Jared Bernstein opposes Ryan's plan. Note, however that this is basically a liberal argument against a conservative policy proposal, not a complaint that the plan is phony. Of course, details matter, and so we'll see what happens as Ryan's plan rolls out, but for those who worry about a post-policy Republican Party, this is good news.

4. See, too, Ezra Klein's argument for why liberals should welcome this version of Ryan.

5. Matt Yglesias makes the case for Dodd-Frank.

6. Kim Yi Dionne on being Muslim in Europe.

7. And Jeff Young reviews the sorry history of the any-minute-now Republican "replace" health care bill.

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