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Happy Birthday to John Hall, 66. I have no idea whether he was a very good Member of the House or not, but you have to like a politician who survives this.

No shortage today of the good stuff:

1. Matthew Dickinson beat me to the Chuck Schumer op-ed, and makes several good points.

2. Gridlock in the Senate? Sarah Binder brings the data.

3. Julia Azari on impeachment (warning: some of her evidence includes responses to a recent Sunday Question from this blog).

4. A good explainer on yesterday's ACA court rulings from Greg Sargent.

5. Abbe Gluck on the DC Circuit ruling as a setback for "textualism."

6. While Philip Klein looks at some of the potential consequences of the decision.

7. Barry Ritholtz on why official government statistics on inflation, while not perfect, are just fine for now.

8. A good one from Matt Yglesias about why claims of high inflation seem plausible to people even when inflation is actually low. He doesn't mention partisanship, but recall that Democrats believed that inflation went up during Ronald Reagan's presidency, even though it declined significantly.

9. And new and exciting (and somewhat depressing) polling on...Star Wars. From FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey.

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