Ritholtz's Reads: Investing With 'Melo

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Good Tuesday morning. Here are a few reads for your early train ride:

  • The Pendulum Takes a Swing Toward Value Stocks (NY Times)
  • Biggie Smalls (Reformed Broker) see also Small-cap stocks run into big doubts (WSJ)
  • Gary Shilling: The Boom Is Coming, and Sooner Than You Think (BV)
  • What Millennials Want That Their Boomer Parents Hate (Time)
  • Investors: Selling on bad news is a 'loser's game' (WSJ)
  • Ghosts of 2008 Haunt SEC's 'Outsider' as She Pushes for Tough Rules (Bloomberg) see also Wall Street adapts to Dodd-Frank's new regulatory regime (WSJ)
  • Uh Oh: Carmelo Anthony Forms Fund to Invest in Tech Startups (Bloomberg)
  • Drier Than the Dust Bowl: Waiting for Relief in Rural America (WaPo)
  • This Road Work Made Possible by Underfunding Pensions (The Upshot)
  • How Jon Stewart Made It Okay to Care About Palestinian Suffering (Daily Beast)

What are you reading?

Small-Cap Stocks Run Into Big Doubts

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