Read Stuff, You Should: Blank Check Mania

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Phoebe Cates, 51. Two days in a row with a "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" theme? I’ll take that. We don’t talk enough about 1980s teen movies around here.

Or I suppose we can talk about the good stuff:

1. John Sides has the latest from the Washington Post Senate model, which has solidly good news for Republicans.

2. While Harry Enten looks at the polling on Senate races; the results are slightly better for the Democrats.

3. What gets non-voters to the polls? Melissa Michelson has a great summary.

4. Louise Sheiner and Brendan Mochoruk take a closer look at long-term health-care cost estimates, and the choices for policymakers.

5. Ed Kilgore writes about efforts to enshrine the biases and preferences of oldsters in the Constitution.

6. Scott Lemieux on the Boehner lawsuit.

7. Dan Drezner looks at Ronald Reagan and today's Republican fight over foreign policy.

8. The words “blank check” apparently test really well. So, as Steve Benen notes, Republicans have taken to using the phrase to describe many things that have nothing to do with blank checks.

9. And Noah Smith makes the case that feminism and liberal values about sex are exactly what marriage needs.

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