Read Stuff, You Should: Boehner's Lawsuit

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy birthday to Tanya Donnelly, 48. Underrated.

All Star break? Plenty of time for the good stuff:

1. Matt Ygelsias on the politics of House Speaker John Boehner's lawsuit and chess.

2. Cass Sunstein looks at the constitutional arguments against the Boehner lawsuit.

3. Good effort from Philip Bump on recent evidence about moderates. The big thing to remember, however, is that on lots of issues, lots of people don't have deeply held positions, though they may be willing to answer a pollster's question about their opinion.

4. Stan Collender on the budget process.

5. Republicans aren't talking as much about Obamacare these days; Jaime Fuller has the numbers.

6. How did President Ronald Reagan spend his time? Matt Dickinson has some evidence. By the way, it's great that he's blogging regularly again.

7. And a little evidence to confirm the theory that House Republicans have no idea what they're doing half the time, from Ben Geman. Granted, it's not as if symbolic actions from politicians were invented when Republicans gained a House majority in 2011. But the ratio of symbolism to substance? Yeah, it's bad.

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