Masters in Business: Jeff Gundlach

Barry Rithotlz interviews Jeff Gundlach in the debut of his "Masters of Business" radio series. 

Jeff Gundlach has become one of the bond market's most influential and savvy investors. His firm, Double Line Capital, manages about $50 billion. Gundlach says that he didn't even know what a bond was when he began his career decades ago. Listen to the rest of my interview with Gundlach here.

This is the debut offering in a new series, "Masters in Business," that I've created with Bloomberg Radio and Bloomberg View. Our goal is to turn the usual Wall Street interview show upside down by ignoring short-term market concerns. Instead, we'll speak with the people behind the ideas that shape markets, drive investing and influence the economy.

"Masters in Business" is a weekly, one-on-one interview. The results have been pleasantly surprising (at least to us!): wonderful stories, in great detail, about the early days in each of our notable guests' professional careers.

The conversations aren't about stock picks or predictions. We focus on how some of the modern masters in business and finance developed their personal philosophies and strategies. What influenced them and who were their mentors? How did they get started and what shaped their careers? Our first 10 shows explore how the most fascinating thinkers in finance think -- about everything.

Here's the current schedule and our guests:

1. Rob Arnott (July 19)
2. Arthur Levitt (July 26)
3. Michael Mauboussin (August 2)
4. Jack Brennan (August 9)
5. Jim Chanos (August 16)
6. Sheila Bair (August 23)
7. James O’Shaughnessy (August 30)
8. David Rosenberg (September 6)
9. Larry Swedroe (September 13)

"Masters in Business" is broadcast on Bloomberg AM on weekends (schedule here) and nationally on Sirius XM channel 119. You can stream it on the Bloomberg Radio App and on Soundcloud or download it from and Apple iTunes Store. An inventory of the shows will also always be available on my Bloomberg View contributor's page.

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