Read Stuff, You Should: Inflation Fears

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Happy Birthday to Javier Lopez, 37.

Is it the weekend yet? You'll need the good stuff:

1. Nerdfight 2014 (how polarized are regular voters?) continues: Alan Abramowitz, a leader of Team Polarized, has the latest data and interpretation.

2. John Sides takes a (very wonky) look at the value of early polls and fundamentals for predicting Senate elections.

3. I largely agree with David Frum about the reform conservatives.

4. I also agree with Kevin Drum about where inflation fears come from, particularly what he says about the 1970s. One additional point: Whatever the motives of those who have hyped non-existent inflation with phony numbers, some people are afraid of inflation because they believe the phony numbers are true.

5. Sebastian Payne compares President Barack Obama's executive orders with some from previous presidents. Good to get beyond the numbers (which show Obama as less aggressive than others), but it's extremely hard to see Obama as anything special.

6. Greg Sargent on Rick Perry and the Republican line on immigration.

7. It's not just contraception; Adrianna McIntyre on seven preventive services available without copay because of the Affordable Care Act.

8. And is it July 2014? It's about time to start tracking candidate visits to early primary states. Philip Bump is on it.

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