Read Stuff, You Should: Don't Throw Out the Bums?

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Amanda Peterson, 43. This has come up before: Is "Can't Buy Me Love" the best movie set in Arizona? Hmmm ... one source says that the similarly excellent "Just One of the Guys" is also set in Tucson. I suppose I'll have to go watch it again to make sure. I guess there's "Psycho"... but I'd rather watch "The Lawn Boy," most of the time.

Meanwhile, back to the good stuff:

1. "Parades, presidential satire and punching down," from Julia Azari.

2. Hans Noel isn't impressed by an attempt by psychologists to explain the U.S. political map.

3. Jordan Ragusa on the dangers of "throwing out the bums."

4. Yet another takedown of that terrible Quinnipiac "worst president" poll, this time by Joshua Huder. By the way, the reason I'm linking to so many of these isn't to knock down these particular results. It's because each of them is helpful for understanding how one should approach polls in general. It's a big mistake to ignore all polls, so the trick is to learn which ones are worth paying attention to.

5. Ed Kilgore tells us to get used to "defund or impeach."

6. I agree with Stan Collender that two-year budgeting is a bad idea.

7. Good detail from Juliet Eilperin on the tech culture of the White House.

8. And Joe Sheehan is correct: "If the players think the All-Star Game is for the guys having a great two months, then take them out of the process. Few things are hurting the All-Star Game's profile, diminishing interest in it, more than the idea that the game is for the players off to the best starts. Sale wasn't selected. David Ortiz wasn't selected. Dustin Pedroia wasn't selected. Buster Posey wasn't selected. Justin Verlander wasn't selected. The All-Star Game is for those guys, not Kazmir and Dellin Betances and Josh Harrison."

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