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Happy Birthday to Ringo Starr, 74.

Refreshed from the long weekend, and ready for some good stuff:

1. Brendan Nyhan on facts and beliefs.

2. And Paul Krugman thinks Nyhan also explains conservative economists and inflation.

3. Matthew Dickinson with more context for that "Obama-is-the-worst-president-ever" poll.

4. Lynn Vavreck on how polls in general can go wrong.

5. Free Voter ID? Not so much, a new study finds.

6. Jonathan Chait pushes back against my claim that Barack Obama is a generic Democratic president. I should clarify a bit. I don't mean that any other plausible Democratic nominee would have had an identical presidency; I just think it would have been very similar if he or she had a similar skill level, which I think of as more or less at the median point. At any rate, on one point: In January 2010, both Chait and I believed that the logic of the situation would drive Democrats to complete passage of the Affordable Care Act. So even though it's possible that an inept president might have found a way to mess it up, I don't think it's reasonable to give Obama too much added credit for the finish line portion of passing health care reform.

7. And I totally missed my chance Thursday: I was going to do a humorous tweet (no, really, I was) about how House Speaker John Boehner's response to the excellent employment report was going to be his usual question: Yes, but where are the jobs? Anyway, I get no credit since I didn't take the time to do it, but it turns out I was right on the money, as Steve Benen explains.

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