Read Stuff, You Should: The Great Topless Suit Debate

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Happy Birthday to Jay Tarses, 75.

Plus some good stuff:

1. Andrew Rudalevige thinks about House Speaker John Boehner's threat to sue the president.

2. Some new research on polarization and voter perceptions, passed along by John Sides.

3. Jamelle Bouie goes through the basic demographics of Democratic presidential primaries. I'd add that this holds true at the elite (or group) level, too.

4. Noah Smith on "Austrian" economics. Brutal.

5. Andrew Sprung has some good points on who the Affordable Care Act is for.

6. Abortion -- and contraception -- under assault; Sarah Kliff summarizes the evidence.

7. Good point from Kevin Drum: those people who thought that President Barack Obama would be magic were, in fact, real. And really wrong, naturally, but I'm with Drum, and glad he pointed this out.

8. And I'm not sure why this was floating around Twitter yesterday, but from the old Roll Call: "What Senators Think of Topless Suits."

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