Read Stuff, You Should: Hobby Lobby's Aftershocks

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Angel Pagan, 33.

It's all Hobby Lobby today when it comes to the good stuff:

1. Julia Azari on Hobby Lobby and Republican factions.

2. "Benchslapping" in Hobby Lobby, from Amanda Hollis-Brusky.

3. Irin Carmon on Hobby Lobby myths.

4. Alyssa Rosenberg on what "Beyonce voters" might really want. Good fun and interesting, but while I'll say that misappropriation of cultural references is a political misdemeanor, claims that contraception is primarily for single women strike me as a much more serious act of political cluelessness.

5. Liberals, at least, should read Ross Douthat on "The Culture War's Sore Winners."

6. And Ann Friedman's Hobby Lobby Pie.

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