Read Stuff, You Should: Clinton's Fragile Strength

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Deborah Harry, 69.

Right to the good stuff:

1. Hillary Clinton's current polling strength isn't something she (or Democrats) can count on in 2016. Good one from Brendan Nyhan.

2. I think David Weigel is basically correct about Walter Mondale and 1984. The two solid examples of ideological extremism costing a presidential candidate are Barry Goldwater and George McGovern; I haven't looked at the evidence for a while, but I suspect that the next-best example isn't Mondale in 1984, but Ronald Reagan in 1980.

3. The Harris and Hobby Lobby Decisions weren't "narrow." Veteran Supreme Court-watcher Jeffrey Toobin explains the pattern.

4. "All of this, in turn, enables the U.S. government to maintain policies that may be quite unpopular internationally." Tonya Putnam on how the U.S. uses its leverage.

5. Jared Bernstein tries the simplest explanation for the economy.

6. And Seth Masket on authenticity.

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