Read Stuff, You Should: Conservatives and Climate

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Happy Birthday to Jeff Cohen, 40. Yesterday, it was one of the Bad News Bears; today, one of the Goonies.

From there to the good stuff:

1. The #Nerdfight2014 post of the day yesterday was from Julia Azari, who looked at the institutional consequences of partisan polarization and partisan sorting.

2. Ed Kilgore has some advice from conservative reformers.

3. While Ross Douthat argues that those reformers are doing the right thing by deprioritizing climate.

4. Dan Larison has a different interpretation of those foreign-policy polling numbers.

5. Intense policy demanders among political scientists? Hans Noel sees the consequence of such demands everywhere.

6. And the Top 10 things a presidential candidate should never say. I'm going to really miss David Letterman, our TV friend.

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