Trade of the Day: Slow Cinema at 36,000 Feet

Trade of the Day: buy a plane ticket from British Airways, and fire up the seven hour 16 minute film of Norway's Bergensbanen train route.

Three-quarters of a century on, the pace of modern life makes Charlie Chaplin look like a study in slow motion in the opening scenes of his 1936 film "Modern Times." The lunch break so short you're back at your desk before the screensaver kicks in. Fast-forwarding to the next track on your iPod once you've heard the first chorus of the existing track. Instagramming, Snapchatting, Tweetering (or whatever they're called).

So the Trade of the Day is to buy a long-haul plane ticket from British Airways, buckle into your seat, and fire up the 7-hour 16-minute film of Norway's Bergensbanen train route that the air carrier plans to start screening starting next month. According to BA's on-board entertainment manager Richard D'Cruze:

There's a hypnotic, calming and entertaining quality to Slow TV that is perfect for in-flight entertainment.

Sounds like the perfect antidote to the high-frequency trading that Michael Lewis got everyone all riled up about.


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