Ritholtz's 10 Weekend Reads: The Evolution of a Generation

Presenting my longer-form weekend reading.

Good Saturday morning. Here are some longer-form reads for your weekend reading pleasure:

  • Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble: The Costs and Benefits of Market Timing (Musings on Markets)
  • The Zen of Gen X: How We Went From Jaded to Sated (The Weeklings)
  • Only Apple (Daring Fireball) see also Tim Cook, Making Apple His Own (NY Times)
  • The House of Mondavi: How an American Wine Empire Was Born (Longreads)
  • A Rare Peek Inside Amazon's Massive Wish-Fulfilling Machine (Wired)
  • How a Lawsuit Over Hot Coffee Helped Erode the 7th Amendment (Priceonomics)
  • Artificial Intelligence Raises New Hope for Cancer Patients (Re/Code) see also Killing a Patient to Save His Life (NY Times)
  • Life Without Sleep (Aeon)
  • Huh? How a Science Experiment Led to Sexual Encounters Between a Woman and Dolphin (The Wire) see also The Dolphin Who Loved Me (The Guardian)
  • World Cup's World's Ball (NY Times)

What's up for the weekend?

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