Read Stuff, You Should: The Day After Cantor

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to George Kontos, 29.

Back to normal blogging today, starting with the good stuff:

1. Lots of worthwhile pieces on the Eric Cantor upset. Start with Rachel Blum, who has a theoretical framework for thinking about the Tea Party and evidence to support it.

2. Next is Sarah Binder, who argues that Cantor's defeat was all about what he was doing (or not doing) in the district.

3. That's not far from Matthew Dickinson's interpretation.

4. See also Jonathan Ladd on Cantor and the center.

5. While Norm Ornstein looks at reform conservatism.

6. Oh, and by the way: this is going to cost Cantor-connected lobbyists plenty of money. Brendan Nyhan explains.

7. Sean Trende is very good on the differences between incumbents who see the threat coming and those who don't.

8. And Mark Mellman on the limits of election forecasting models.

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