Read Stuff, You Should: Useless Constitutional Changes

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Happy Birthday to Jill Biden, 63.

Once again, the good stuff:

1. I'm not sure about the Jefferson/Madison divide here, but I agree totally with Cass Sunstein that rapidly jumping to Constitutional change (the "Jefferson" side) is a lousy idea. And even worse? Using go-nowhere Constitutional amendments as an excuse for not attempting solutions to real problems which might have a chance of passage. And I agree also that this has been a Republican SOP for a generation, and it's sad to see Democrats emulating it.

2. "...what I have come to see as a kind of cardinal rule of public Christian ethical meditation: don't punch down." That's Elizabeth Stoker, with an argument that probably applies beyond Christian ethics.

3. Andrew Sullivan on "when one major party refuses to accept reality."

4. "11 things most people don't know about health insurance," from Adrianna McIntyre.

5. Dan Drezner on Barack Obama's West Point speech.

6. And Ross Douthat on conservatives and misogyny. Good. Look: everyone in politics, liberals no less than conservatives is vulnerable to the trap of sympathizing with anybody that one's opponents attack. We do not, however, have to succumb to it. In political action, perhaps even more than in private life, it's always important to stop and check: is this really what I want to do? Precisely because the traps of political action, and the consequences from falling into them, are that dangerous.

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